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Welcome to GuruGraffiti, my very own publishing empire! It’s kinda small right now as empires go, but hopefully as time goes by it will grow to include many more articles, essays and rants as the spirit moves me. GuruGraffiti is a place to gather all of the material that I’ve written over the years and present it in a format that is easy to access.

I’ve been writing since I was in high school and though I’ve tended to favor the short format, occasionally I’ve written longer articles for various purposes, usually technical articles. Over the years, I’ve published material in the Mississippi Association of Public Accountants Newsletter, the East Mississippi Business Journal, programming trade journals, local newspapers, and even my very own company newsletter that was published as a promotional piece for several years.

In recent years, I’ve published humorous articles and rants on my company website, but since that site is strictly html-based, publishing was a time-consuming task and therefore, I didn’t post very often. I’ve had many readers ask that I publish more frequently and I felt the best way to do it would be to use a content management system to simplify the posting process and to make it easier for the material to be accessed by you!

In 2008, my wife purchased the paultarver.com domain for me when she realized it was available and the rest as they say is history. It was a logical place to finally build a site to bring all of the various work that I’ve done make it available in one place.

Click on any of the menu tabs at the top of the page to access the different articles by category. Take a few minutes and leave some comments whether you like something or not. Your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by GuruGraffiti!