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Lock The Front Door To Your Email Account

Lock Your Email Doors!

Everyone knows that one of the most common sense things you can do to make your home secure is to lock your doors and windows before you go to bed or when you are away from home. But surprisingly, many people fail to lock the front door securely when it comes to their email accounts. I previously discussed making your …

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Leave It On Or Turn It Off?

Over the last twenty years, I have been asked one question more than any other: “Should I leave my computer on all the time, or turn it off at the end of each day?” During that time, my answer has evolved from a long one to a very short one: “Yes.” When a client recovers from my initial response, I …

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Go Ahead…Think Outside The Box

I know, I know, my next tech post was supposed to be about connecting to FirebirdSQL database tables via an ODBC connection. I promise it is coming, but in the meantime, I had an epiphany the other day and I wanted to share it.

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Visually Create, Edit & Maintain FireBirdSQL Databases

Ok, in the last post, I explained how to install FirebirdSQL with the basic (and perfectly acceptable) default settings. When I first decided to start working with Firebird, I was intimidated because I really didn’t know that much about SQL and working with the included ISQL.exe command prompt seemed a bit cryptic to me. If you’ve been working with SQL …

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Installing FireBirdSQL

I described in a previous post some of the work we’ve done with FirebirdSQL and now it is time to get to work. FirebirdSQL is a relational database that runs on Linux, Windows and many different Unix platforms. It was originally developed in 1981 and has existed under various names and incarnations since that time. Before being released as open source, …

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My First FireBirdSQL Project

In 2006, I was approached by my client using the AgentTrax Sales Management system that I began working on in 2000, because they wanted a web-based front-end to allow their agents (at the time numbering around 8,000 active agents) to contract online as well as to have a place for active agents to enter their sales production and distribute that …

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Lingering After Effects of FoxForward 2007

Having just returned from FoxForward 2007, I can say that the recovery process may never be over. I saw more things that I want to implement than I have time to implement, but I’m making a solemn promise to try get them all done. FoxForward 2007 for me was simply one of the best experiences and I highly recommend the …

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Windows XP vs. Vista

Recently at the Microsoft Financial Analyst Day at the Microsoft Redmond Campus in Redmond WA, CEO Steve Ballmer stated that by the end of 2008, Microsoft would have over 1 billion installed users of Windows. Ballmer said that this would mean that there would be more computers using Windows than automobiles in the world.

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