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Lingering After Effects of FoxForward 2007

Having just returned from FoxForward 2007, I can say that the recovery process may never be over. I saw more things that I want to implement than I have time to implement, but I’m making a solemn promise to try get them all done. FoxForward 2007 for me was simply one of the best experiences and I highly recommend the conference to anyone wanting to learn more about VFP as well as many other technologies as well.Meeting people from all over with different backgrounds and experiences always can help broaden your horizons and when each person you meet is willing to offer the knowledge they have, the results are amazing. The FoxPro community has always had a camaraderie that is rarely found among practitioners of other programming languages and I have benefited greatly over the years from my association with other FoxPro code-slingers.

The sessions led by Ed Leafe, Dave Bernard, Michael Babcock, Stein Goering, Brian Marquis, Tod McKenna, Kevin Ragsdale, Alan Stevens, David Stevenson, and all the others left my head spinning and my fingers itching to get back on my keyboard and start pounding away and see if I could make all of the great ideas I saw work in my library. But more importantly, in-between each meeting and at each meal, there were plenty of opportunities to meet other people and find out about what they do, how they use FoxPro and to share ideas with each other.

For two and one-half days, I lived, ate, and breathed FoxPro and it was wonderful. If you are reading this blog right now, it is because I discovered at the conference that there was not a lot of information available about using FirebirdSQL with FoxPro. Having just spent the last year developing with Firebird and FoxPro, and having been encouraged by several of the people I spoke with to start a blog on the subject, my first order of business upon returning was to get this blog off the ground.

My next post will contain more information about that project and just how we found Firebird and got it implemented, but I just wanted to take a moment and thank Kevin Cully, his family, and the sponsors for putting on a great conference. The friendships and the learning will be with me for a long, long time!

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