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Delight #002: The Power Of Thank You

Never, ever doubt the power saying “Thank You.” It always a good time to remind ourselves it costs us nothing to be grateful and it often pays dividends we cannot measure.

I feel a lightness in my spirit when I hear someone say “Thank You” and I go out of my way to do so whenever I can. Whether it is the nurse who took care of you or someone you love, or the waiter or waitress who delivered a meal to your table, a simple thank you can change their lives for the better in an instant.

During these days when businesses are stressed to find enough employees to stay open, it is even more important for us as customers to be grateful for the services and products these local businesses are working overtime to provide. But it is also true every employee should remember the person coming in to purchase something may be just as stressed because their own business is under staffed and under appreciated.

The best way I know to diffuse all that stress is to simply say “Thank You” and throw in a “Please” from time to time. Your mama taught you to say those words because they were the most basic words we could use to show respect for one another. I believe when we give and feel respect in any personal interaction, it will carry over to our next personal interaction and so on and so on.

Sometimes sports teams improve simply by focusing on the basics. We are all on the team called Human and hopefully during the game of Life we are playing, we are all trying to improve and be better humans. Maybe our improvement is just a few “Please” and “Thank You’s” away. Could it be that simple?

What’s more surprising is how much my soul is fed just by saying “Thank You” to someone and seeing the reaction I get back from them.

Try it today. What could you lose?

By the way, thank you for reading this!


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