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Did You?

It’s Valentine’s Day, 2009 and therefore appropriate that I publish a love poem. Unlike many of the poems I wrote years ago, I have no difficulty remembering the inspiration for this one. In 1995, I met my future wife, Pam, on the Internet. After more than a year of long distance communication (She lived in Horseheads, New York and I lived in Meridian, Mississippi with over 1,100 miles between us), I was very much in love with her and often consumed with a need to be near her. In late 1996, I was driving down the road one day and was inspired to write the following on the back of an old envelope. I hope you like it.

Did You?

Did you feel me with you today,
                 when chaos ruled around you?
Did your heart skip a beat today,
                 at the same moment as mine?
Did you catch your breath today,
                 just when my chest felt tight?
Did you think of me today,
                 just when I thought of you?
Did you feel my breath on your ear today,
                 just when I whispered your name?
Did you hear my voice today,
                 when I thought I heard you speak?
Did your face flush warm today,
                 when I looked at your picture?
Did you tap your foot today,
                 when I heard the music play?
Did you feel me with you today,
                 just when I felt you with me?

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