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Memorial Day Show 2009 – WMOX

For the third year in a row, I’ve joined Bill Smith and Dumpster Dog to honor our fallen military. Since the beginning of our great country, freedom has been paid for and guaranteed by the blood of those willing to defend and die for us. No greater gift could have been given to each and every one of us and this show is our opportunity to say “Thank You!”

I tell my great-uncle’s story of being a POW in World War II and Ken Storms joins the show to talk about our Veterans and the Run For The Wall that recently passed through Meridian on their way to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.

This is a show that I know you’ll want to pass along to your friends and family!

Learn more about Memorial Day here and here.

A Tribute to Taps Buglers at Arlington:

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  1. I listened to you on WMOX tell the story about the Bataan Death March and you mentioned a man in Meridian who was on that march. What is his name?

    • The gentleman’s name is Carl Holloway and he wrote a book about his experiences titled “Happy, the POW: A Short Story About a Long Ordeal.” Here’s a link to some information he wrote for The Meridian Star in November, 2004. I hope you enjoyed the show!

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